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About the Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Not-for-Profit Webmaster Round Table will be held in the middle of June.

More information about the meeting will be posted shortly.

Please RSVP if you are interested in attending.

About the Round Table

We are a group of Web coders, designers, writers, project managers, etc. who get together at quarterly meetings to help each other strategize, troubleshoot and critique all things related to new media in not-for-profit work. We often discuss tools that are specifically geared toward not-for-profits, as well as organizations such as BlackBaud, NPower and PICnet that work with them. The group meets in the New York City area, but virtual attendance can be arranged.


David Milner started the Not-for-Profit Webmaster Round Table in October 1999, and he continues to lead the group today. This Web site and its logo were designed by Danielle Cranmer. The photographs featured on this site were obtained from a variety of different sources.